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    Fox Sports NBA Basketball 2000 for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1) - Used

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    Fox Sports NBA Basketball 2000 for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1)
    Updated with stats, rosters and player ratings for the 1999-2000 season, NBA Basketball 2000 features every player from all 29 NBA teams, plus two all-star and rookie teams. You can play an entire NBA season or skip ahead to the playoffs. If you're not ready for team ball, you can go one-on-one with your favorite pros on an outdoor court. Real Fox Sports announcers including former Atlanta Hawks point guard Doc Rivers, call the action. Using one or two Multi Tap adapters, up to eight players can join in a single game of NBA Basketball 2000. Along with the standard head-to-head game, you can play on the same team against the computer with up to five players, each controlling a different hoopster. Or you can play on rival teams with each gamer controlling a different basketball player. There are several features unique to this game, most notably the exclusive Go-To-Guy AI. Using this feature you can get the ball to your best player during crunch-time. Another first is the Rebound Indicator, which shows you exactly where to grab when crashing the boards. Special features that have also appeared in previous hoops simulations include shot fakes, intentional fouls, give-and-go moves and alley-oop passes. Speed bursts, which fatigue the player if used too much, come in handy for fast breaks. In addition to maneuvering the onscreen characters, you are also coach of your team. It is your responsibility to plan and execute offensive and defensive strategies and to call timeouts whenever necessary. You are also in charge of signing, releasing and trading players. The game also features vibration and analog support, and requires between one to five blocks of memory for saved games. Lace up your sneakers, order a pizza and invite a few friends over. NBA Basketball 2000 awaits!

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