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    Digimon World 3 for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1) - Used

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    Digimon World 3 for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1)
    An RPG based upon Bandai's Digimon cartoon series, Digimon World 3 follows the adventures of Junior and his two friends, Teddy and Ivy, as they take part in a game of Digimon Online. Upon starting, the player will have to pick a trio of Digimon from the three initial sets available. Once in the world of Digimon Online however, the three friends are informed that the system is in dire need of repairs and that they'll have to stay until the repairs are complete. Viewed from a top-down isometric perspective, players must guide their virtual avatars through the online world, battling other "tamers" and exploring the many game areas while learning more about the hackers that have invaded the game. Situated in the many towns that dot the virtual landscape, shops and inns will provide the group with much needed supplies and rest, provided they have enough Bits (the world's currency) to afford it all, that is. The 3D Battles are turn-based, and provide a selection of battle options from which to choose, including the ability to unleash standard attacks, use items or special techniques, switch Digimon, or run from battle. In keeping with the cartoon on which it is based, Digimon are also able to Digivolve into more powerful creatures during battle. As your Digimon take damage, a blast meter gradually fills. When full, it allows the creature to Blast Digivolve, imbuing it with an increase in attack level. Tamers also have the ability to merge two creatures using the DNA Digivolve ability, which will yield an all-new Digimon who performs a random attack before disappearing. Through continued battling, Digimon will gain experience and rise in level and ability, and will eventually evolve into a new, permanent form. Along with the Digimon found in the first three seasons of the cartoon show, Digimon World 3 features 20 original Digimon created specifically for the game. An additional side-quest allows players to seek out Digimon cards in order to build a formidable deck with which to battle others. There are a total of 314 cards to be collected in the game.

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