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    Army Men World War Final Front for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1) - Used

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    Army Men World War Final Front for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1)
    Will the madness ever end? It doesn't look likely, with conflict on a global scale flaring up again for the increasingly weary Green Army, as they fight to keep liberty and justice alive by pushing back the nefarious pursuits of the Tan Army and it's wicked leaders. Hot on the heels of the first war comes this new battle, one that will take our faithful green soldiers into battle on land, sea, air, and even deep underground to rat out the Tan forces. The ultimate mission: seek and destroy the secret Tan weapons factory and perhaps put an end to this struggle for once and for all. Army Men: World War -- Final Front is another chapter in the popular Army Men series from 3DO, and the sequel to Army Men: World War -- Land Sea and Air. It once again places the players in control of a Green Army soldier dedicated to the mission of eradicating the Tan forces from every corner of the globe. Players will guide the soldier via a third-person, behind-the-back perspective, marching him boldly forward to take on the enemy onslaught. The single-player game takes players through five different campaign, each set in a different global location and each with their own specific objectives. The soldier has a host of weapons to fight off the enemy soldiers and vehicles, armaments ranging from rifles and bazookas to flame throwers. He'll also be able to procure vehicles himself. Players will pilot tanks, jeeps, cargo trucks, motorcycles, and submarines in their quest to destroy the enemy supply and weapon lines. In Multiplayer mode, two players are able to compete in head-to-head action or team up against the computer. Capture the Flag is included, is Grudge Match, which simply lets them blow each other up until only one is left standing. There is also a mode called Steal the Bacon, which is reminiscent of Kill the Man with the Ball, only instead of a ball, you've got to keep your hands on the bacon while your enemies hunt you down.

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