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Arcades Greatest Hits The Atari Collection 1 for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1) - Used

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Arcades Greatest Hits The Atari Collection 1 for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1)
Are you tired of combos, adventure quests, fatalities, hidden worlds and thick instruction manuals? Want a blast from the past? Try Midway Presents: Arcade's Greatest Hits/The Atari Collection 1 for the PlayStation, featuring six of Atari's most popular coin-op games from the late 1970s and early 1980s. Play Asteroids, Battlezone, Centipede, Missile Command, Super Breakout and Tempest. Asteroids puts you in a triangular spaceship surrounded by floating asteroids. Your ship rotates and thrusts and is equipped with an endless supply of ammo to avoid collision with the space rocks while blasting them into smaller and smaller chunks until they disappear from the screen. Once you've cleared the screen, the action continues at a more difficult pace. From time to time, a large or small enemy flying saucer will appear on the screen. Battlezone puts you on a mission to eliminate enemy tanks, missiles, and super tanks from an armored vehicle that can either left tread forward and reverse or right tread forward and reverse. A radar screen helps you sight and destroy the enemy. Background mountains and an assortment of geometric shapes situated on the battlefield act as obstacles. Centipede, set in a magical forest filled with mushrooms, is a fixed-screen shooter in which you control a magic wand that maneuvers along the bottom quarter of the playfield to blast away at multi-segmented centipedes as they descend, creeping and crawling back and forth through the mushroom field. You'll also shoot jumping spiders, poisonous scorpions and frenetic fleas. Clear a centipede from the field and another takes its place, always beginning its descent from the top of the screen. In Missile Command your job is nothing less than saving the world from nuclear annihilation with a limited allotment of anti-ballistic missiles. Protect six cities and three ground-based artillery bases as missiles rain from above. Bomb-dropping orbiters and delta-wing aircraft also make an occasionally appearance in the terror-filled skies. Maneuver your gun sight around the screen and fire from one of your artillery bases. Once you have warded off an attack, another wave begins. Super Breakout has you controlling a Pong-like paddle that moves horizontally along the bottom of the playfield. Clear the screen by rebounding a bouncing ball off the paddle into horizontally built walls of bricks near the upper portion of the playfield. Hit a brick and it disappears. In Tempest you maneuver a claw-shaped outer space vehicle that perches and crawls around the outer edge lanes of a series of ninety-eight tube-like constructs in the form of circles, rectangles, triangles and other geometric shapes. As you whiz around each tube, you must shoot at Flippers, Tankers, Spikers, Fuseballs and Pulsars moving and crawling toward you ship. In a fix? Employ your Super Zapper to destroy all enemies in sight. The visuals in Asteroids, Battlezone and Tempest are composed of vector (line-drawn) graphics, just like their arcade counterparts. Except for Battlezone, all games in this compilation allow for two-player, alternating play. Battlezone, Tempest and Super Breakout support dual analog control, and you can use the optional mouse to play Centipede, Missile Command, Super Breakout and Tempest. This package also includes a documentary featuring interviews with original Atari programmers and designers.

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