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    Gex for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1) - Used

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    Gex for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1)
    Gex is a wise cracking gecko with one passion in life: to watch television. One night as he was feeding his addiction, the television went blank and a large hand grabbed the gecko, sucking him into the Media Dimension. Why? An evil fly named Rez wants Gex as the network's new mascot! The gecko's mission is to destroy the various television sets and collect enough remote controls to escape with his life intact. He must also abolish Rez once and for all! With his powerful tail-whip and lethal tongue lash attacks, Gex will recover hidden remote controls in television inspired levels including a Frankenstein driven Graveyard World, Cartoon World, Jungle World and a Kung Fu World filled with ninjas and sumo wrestlers before battling the evil Rez in his insane Nerve Center. Originally released for the 3DO, Gex offers a variety of special power-ups, hidden goodies and a slew of one-liners in this side-scrolling platformer. The gecko's suction cup feet allow him to climb up various walls and ceilings to uncover secret remotes and bonus areas. Gex can also swallow several power-up bugs that allow him to spit fire, shoot balls of ice, and electrocute the various enemies. Centipedes kick the gecko into overdrive while Caterpillars make him invincible! HBO comedian Dana Gould has lent his voice talent for Gex and provides over 300 one-liners, most of which are references to movies and television shows.

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