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    Crusaders of Might and Magic for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1) - Used

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    Crusaders of Might and Magic for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1)
    Crusaders of Might and Magic makes its PlayStation debut as an action role-playing game viewed from a perspective set behind the lead protagonist. You are cast in the role of Drake, a lone fighter who lost his family when he was just a boy. Known as the "Scarred One" from the Book of Ages, Drake joins the elite High Guard on a crusade of justice and vengeance. Travel across five distinct lands while battling dwarves, giant ogres, and skeleton warriors. Your ultimate goal is to slay Necros, the dark lord of the undead. Throughout your travels you will converse with townsfolk, knights, and other friendly characters for advice on your quest. Drake can jump, run, climb, duck, cast spells, and slash enemies with a multitude of weapons. He can strike barrels to uncover hidden items, roll to avoid attacks, and even perform a few flips in the air. In addition to offensive moves, Drake also can defend himself with shields, restore his health and mana with potions, and temporarily become invincible or increase his running speed with items. Venture between levels at any time as Drake increases his abilities in magic, strength, speed, skill, and other attributes.

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