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    Billiards Pool for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1) - Used

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    Billiards Pool for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1)
    You're a hustler, baby. Weaseling your way from underground pool halls to even seedier settings, the objective is to play the best game of pool possible while wagering high amounts of cash. But no matter how good you think you are, there's always someone better than you...or is there? Pool Hustler will give you the opportunity to find out! Pool Hustler features several gameplay options including the Lesson, Story, Two-Player, Practice, and Trick Shot modes. Outlined somewhat in the first paragraph, the Story mode features a city map with six different pool halls. Players will go around to the various halls, make wagers, and try to beat one of 12 different pool champions. Just be careful not to bite off more you can chew -- you'll be left with an empty wallet and the game will be over. Your opponents range from hustler wannabes to actual pool sharks; the short tempered Joseph acts as a stepping stone for victory while Morgan learned to play a mean game of pool during a 35-year prison sentence. Each player has his or her own unique style and grasp on the fundamentals of pool theory, so watch yourself! The Lesson and Practice modes are great for new players; while the former teaches players the mechanics of pool via tutorial sequences, the Practice mode is there for practicing trick shots and angles. It even allows you to place balls on a table in any manor you desire! When you've got the necessary skills to take on your pool shark friends, challenge them to a Two-Player duel! Players can select between four different games including Nine Ball, Eight Ball, Rotation, and 14.1 Continuous. Finally, the Trick Shot mode features 30 unique trick shots for the player to master! Players are required to play in accordance to strict, but realistic rulings. For example, if you sink the cue ball or fail to hit the lowest numbered ball in Nine Ball, you'll be fouled. If you're playing by professional rules only, three fouls result in automatic disqualification. Additionally, general rules are followed such as lagging for break, calling shots, and break options. So get out there and show them who's the real Pool Hustler!

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