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    Judge Dredd for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1) - Used

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    Judge Dredd for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1)
    In the 22nd Century, the Earth's population is concentrated in huge Megacities. People live in fear. Aliens and mutants walk the streets and crime is constant. There is no police force and there are no trials or juries. There are only Judges. Judges have the power to give instant sentencing; they are the law. They serve as court, jury, and executioner. A Judge's duty is to seek out lawbreakers and administer justice. As Judge Dredd, this is your duty. Having escaped the prison moon Titan, Tech Judge Bean is looking for revenge. He has gathered an army of androids and an arsenal of weapons and is looking to bring you down, Judge Dredd. You brought him down the first time, but can you do it again? A Judge's standard weapon is a multifaceted handgun with auto focus and targeting that contains a small computer. It fires standard, armor piercing, heat-seeking, and high explosive bullets. This is the Lawgiver. As Judge Dredd, you must enter a dangerous Megacity and battle your way through androids and other deadly obstacles in search of Tech Judge Bean. You must take the law to him and administer his punishment -- a death sentence. Judge Dredd is a first-person shooter which utilizes any weapon peripheral. You must battle through 16 3D levels, administering punishment to those in your way. Judge Dredd is light gun-compatible but can also be played using the standard PlayStation controller. It is a one or two player game and uses one memory block to save data.

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