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    Star Ocean: The Second Story for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1) - Used

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    Star Ocean: The Second Story for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1)
    Picking up where Enix's original Star Ocean title left off on the Super Famicom, Star Ocean: The Second Story takes gamers on an epic journey through a mystical land. Gamers take control of one of two characters, Crawd or Rena and make their way through the various tasks and adventures that await the characters. Each character has their own storyline, with the plot changing depending on who you pick. Eventually, the two meet up and continue their quest. An action-inspired battle system makes up the battles in Star Ocean: The Second Story, with one of three different modes of attack to choose from. Rounding out the list of features, Star Ocean: The Second Story features CG sequences from the same company responsible for the CG sequences in such titles as Final Fantasy VII.

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