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    Fighting Force 2 for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1) - Used

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    Fighting Force 2 for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1)
    Human cloning was banned by international treaty at the end of the twentieth century. There are those who disobey the law by taking part in the biotechnology and cloning black market. One such group, the Knackmiche Corporation, is on the verge of creating the world's first artificial life form. Their goal is to create a soldier capable of surviving in any environment and one who fights without conscience. The State Intelligence Police (SI-COPS) was created to stop such international crimes. Recruiting operatives from the CIA, FBI, and Interpol, SI-COPS is composed of the world's greatest agents. After years of investigation into the Knackmiche Corporation, SI-COPS now has enough information to send in an agent. Hawk Manson, one of SI-COPS' top operatives, has been selected to infiltrate the Knackmiche Corporation and erase all sensitive data. Key personnel must also be eliminated. Unfortunately, due to the sensitive nature of this mission, SI-COPS will not acknowledge any involvement in the mission. If Hawk makes any mistakes, he is on his own. He will have to depend on his own skills to complete the mission and safely escape. In Eidos's Fighting Force 2, you control Hawk from a third person perspective while navigating in a 3D environment. You must enter the Knackmiche research and development facilities and lay waste to anything and anyone who gets in your way. Hawk is an expert in hand-to-hand combat and can deliver a number of death-dealing blows from his hands and legs, and can execute numerous combos in order to cripple his enemies. A Rage Bar at the top right of the screen will increase as Hawk is subjected to prolonged combat. If he uses a special move while the Rage Bar is active, he can inflict extra damage to his enemies. Hawk does not have to depend on his fists alone. He can employ the use of over 20 lethal weapons including handguns, grenades, machine guns and rocket launchers. Weapons can be found by destroying different parts of the scenery. The more scenery destroyed the higher Hawk's score climbs. The score is represented as dollars for the value of Knackmiche property that you have destroyed. As a destruction bonus, continues are awarded for set levels of cash. Fighting Force 2 is a one-player game and uses one memory block to save data. Analog control and vibration function is also supported.

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