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    Transformers: Beast Wars for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1) - Used

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    Transformers: Beast Wars for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1)
    Based on the popular Transformers line of robotic toys from the '80s, Beast Wars: Transformers is a 3D shooter in which players must stop the evil Decepticons from draining a newly discovered planet of all its Energon and using the powerful element to further their schemes. Crash-landing after an interstellar battle, the Decepticons have stumbled onto this world of abundant resources, and only you can foil their plans to exploit it. As the heroic Maximals, robots that can transform into animal shapes on the fly, players battle the forces of evil in this action-oriented 3D shooter. Gameplay consists of walking along the surface of the planet and exploring several areas, shooting any troublemakers that get in your way. An auto targeting system finds and locks onto any enemies in the vicinity, and players merely have to keep mashing the fire button to make short work of them, though it's necessary to avoid enemy gunfire at times. Eventually the character which the player has chosen begins to deplete its store of Energon, and in order to replenish this power source must transform into beast mode. In beast mode, players cannot attack, and must avoid all contact with enemies while seeking out power-ups and allowing their store of Energon to grow.

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