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    NFL Blitz 2001 for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1) - Used

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    NFL Blitz 2001 for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1)
    Midway's popular gridiron pain-fest is back for the 2001 season. NFL Blitz 2001, the third game in the Blitz line for the PlayStation, continues the tradition of the series with the high scoring, the quick playing, and, of course, the excessive violence that has made this football game such a favorite in the arcades and at home. Blitz 2001 follows in the path of the 2000 version's upgrade, keeping nearly the same interface as the previous year's game. Blitz's gameplay is as over-the-top as ever, and you can be sure that with this entry, Midway isn't any closer to turning their series into a football simulation. Blitz's gameplay is quick and simple, designed so that anyone can pick it up and play. The basic rules of football are in place for any given game, but beyond that, nearly anything is legal. And much of what shouldn't be legal is patently encouraged. This year's model includes both a playbook editor and a player editor for those who like to get their hands messy when diving into a game. In the playbook editor, you can edit the different plays that you'll be choosing in the actual game. Think you have a crafty play that's sure to fool the other team's defense? Or are you just interested in creating variations on the Hail Mary? Either way, you can do it in Blitz 2001. The player editor, also available in the 2000 edition, lets you create your own weekend warrior from scratch, giving him both the look and the stats you'll want to imbue upon him. NFL Blitz 2001 contains Single Game, Season, and Tournament modes, as well as the popular multiplayer component, which can support up to four players with the multi-tap. New to this year are the mini-games, such as the QB Challenge, First-and-Goal, and Hold-the-Line, which will test specific skills within the Blitz world. All the teams are up-to-date in Blitz 2001, with fairly complete rosters and a good number of actual stadiums from around the country. Beyond that, though, the realism stops, and all-out madness begins. So strap on your helmets, throw on your pads, and get ready for some of NFL Blitz's patented football insanity!

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