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    Elemental Gearbolt for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1) - Used

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    Elemental Gearbolt for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1)
    Elemental Gearbolt is your typical "save the world from the evil lunatic who wishes to destroy all of mankind for his own tyrannical reasons" story. In this case, a power hungry prince is plotting this scenario by using the Neural Network Computer, which happens to keep the world in balance. He wishes to destroy this machine, which feeds on volunteers, or Elementals. Once you die, your soul is fed to this machine which makes you an Elemental. Such is the case with the two sisters' Nell and Seana. But what the prince did not know is that he caused their death and now the two Elementals are out for his blood and to save all of mankind. This game is a bit of a departure for Working Designs, a company known strictly for it's RPGs. While Elemental Gearbolt takes place in an RPG-like world, it's basically a first-person, on-rails light gun shooter, like Time Crisis. The world is filled with lots of lush fantasy backgrounds and gothic creatures and monsters. Consisting of six different levels, or acts, and three difficulty settings, there are tons of hidden items and special things to shoot that award you bonus points and unlock various secret modes. Also thrown in are some RPG elements, like different and more powerful weapons and some level raising that makes for an interesting shooter-RPG hybrid.

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