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    Buster Bros. Collection for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1) - Used

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    Buster Bros. Collection for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1)
    Comprising three titles, (Buster Bros., Super Buster Bros., and Buster Buddies), Buster Bros. Collection is a compilation of Capcom's "Buster" arcade series -- released over a period of six years from 1989 to 1995. Gameplay presents a blend of puzzle and action that sees players strafing from side-to-side, shooting vertically at the bubbles that bounce around the arena. Enclosed within the confines of a single, 2D arena, one or two players must utilize their rope-gun devices to destroy the deluge of bubbles that inundate the screen. When hit, the bubbles burst into multiple, smaller segments, and will continue to do so until the smallest bubble is destroyed. Only by clearing the screen can players proceed. However, coming into contact with a bubble will result in the immediate loss of a life. Power-ups and weapons can be obtained during play, with the former facilitating the ability to slow down or even stop time, while the latter provide the player with alternate firing modes such as double- or split-wire guns. Stages vary in design, offering different backdrops in addition to more interactive elements like platforms and ladders; these affect the bounce of the bubbles and where your character can move. The immediate objective is to clear each stage of the bubbles that plague it, while the ultimate objective is achieving as high a score as possible. To do this, players will need to destroy bubbles in a particular order, eradicate enemies, and collect food items that appear during play. Aside from the cosmetic differences presented in each new title, minor gameplay tweaks are also introduced. The second title, Super Buster Bros., introduces different types of bubbles, including those that bounce higher, split into a greater number of smaller bubbles, and even defy gravity. The third title, Buster Buddies, discards the different bubble variations and introduces four playable characters to the fold, all of whom possess unique speed ratings and default weapons.

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