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    Ten Pin Alley for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1) - Used

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    Ten Pin Alley for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1)
    Tired of wasting your hard-earned money at the local bowling alley? Are the rented bowling shoes a bit on the raunchy side? Would you rather conserve gas and stay home? If so, grab a copy of Ten Pin Alley and hit the virtual lanes in the comfort of your very own living room! You'll have a choice of three environments: the modern Ten Pin Alley, an old-styled Maui Bowl and the nighttime light show found within the Conga Bowl. Developed by Adrenaline Entertainment, Ten Pin Alley features twelve different characters (both male and female) with varying styles and playing characteristics. While some bowl left-handed and concentrate on accuracy, others specialize in speed and power. When it's your turn to hurl the ball down the lane, a bowling meter appears -- this meter regulates spinning, power and releasing techniques. Although putting spin on the ball is optional, you'll need to adjust your character's positioning in accordance. Failure to do so may result in an embarrassing gutter ball. There are three different gameplay options including the Open Play, Team Play and Tournament modes. Whether perfecting your skills or playing against a number of computer-controlled or human opponents, the Open Play is a no-frills single game. Team Play involves two or three teams in a heated bowling match-up. Teams may consist of both AI characters and/or human players. Whenever you're ready to take on fierce competition, sign yourself up for the TPA Tour! Featuring a field of 64 players, the Tournament incorporates knockout styled gameplay until a champion is crowned. There are two specific Tournament styles including the Amateur or Professional modes. Whereas the former features tougher opposition and bigger prizes, the Amateur mode is suited for novice players. Ten Pin Alley features the ability to create your own personal bowler and customize the weapon of choice -- your bowling ball. There's also a statistical tracker that records your personal data, everything from strikes to how much money you've made in professional tournaments. For novice players, the instruction manual outlines the scoring methodology of how many points are awarded after obtaining a strike or a spare. It supports any PlayStation Memory Card for saving game data and the Multi Tap for six human players.

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