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    Point Blank 2 for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1) - Used

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    Point Blank 2 for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1)
    Point Blank 2 brings the popular Arcade game home -- and then some. With Guncon in hand (or a standard controller if you prefer), bull's-eye your way through over 70 challenging game scenarios, each including such marks as standard targets, toy animals, criminals, and vehicles to destroy. Many stages also feature dangerous shootable items (bombs, blue or red targets, and innocent bystanders) that result in the loss of one of your three lives for each one hit. Offering a further challenge, certain stages limit your ammo supply, some requiring you to blow away an object with one pinpointed shot. There are four modes of play in Point Blank 2. "Training Mode" allows you to practice your sharpshooting skills and play through any stage in the game at one of four difficulty levels: "Practice," "Beginner," "Advanced" and "Insane." Your results are saved for each game so that you can see how your skills progress with more experience. The "Point Blank Castle" has three modes of its own. Play against a friend in one of 16 stages with "Versus Mode" or try to progress up a multileveled tower by successfully completing a game on each "Endurance Mode" floor. Finally, "Arcade Mode" represents a direct port of the Point Blank 2 experience you may have had at your favorite arcade. Though "Versus Mode" specializes in two-player action, all modes allow it. "Party Mode" features three games created with the idea of several people playing at once. In "Tournament," up to four competitors can compete in a bracketed competition with the person with the most points advancing to the next round. "Team Battle" features head-to-head match-ups between as many as eight individual members of the Red and Blue teams. The loser of each game is out, and the last team with members left wins the match. In "Turf War," up to four players compete individually to protect the tiles on the playing board that they own. If a competing player invades a competitor's "turf," the two must fight it out over the area. The original owner of the turf must forfeit the tile to the invader if he or she loses, and the game's overall winner will have the most tiles at the end of five rounds. Finally, there's a quest for you to embark upon in "Theme Park Mode." Upon a visit to a theme park you, the Hero, find the King in a state of disarray, for he believes that his daughter, the Princess, was kidnapped as he used the restroom. Can you succeed at the park's four complex gun games and then defeat Dr. Dan and Dr. Don to rescue her royal highness?

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