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    1080 Snowboarding for Nintendo 64 (N64) - Used

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    1080 Snowboarding for Nintendo 64 (N64)
    From the team that brought you Wave Race 64 comes 1080? Snowboarding, a racing game that has you thrashing down mountains from a perspective behind your character. Six game modes include the following: Match Race, Time Attack, Trick Attack, Contest, Versus Match, and Training. The heart of the game is the Match Race, where you'll choose one of five characters and eight authentic Lamar boards before advancing through six snow-covered courses, each offering multiple shortcuts. Time Attack is your chance to show how fast you can fly down each course, while those who simply want to perform tricks can do so in either the Trick Attack or Contest modes. Trick Attack lets you choose any of the unlocked courses (plus two stunt-oriented courses) to pull off as many aerial moves as possible before time expires. Contest has you aiming for the highest total score in a series of five courses. The harder the tricks, the more points you'll earn in each play mode. Versus mode lets you challenge a friend via split-screen display, while Training gives you an opportunity to practice over 25 tricks. All five characters wear authentic Tommy Hilfiger clothing and are rated from one to ten in technique, maximum speed, balance, power, and jump. Each board is also rated in stability, edge control, acceleration, response, and flex (stiffness). If you're good enough, not to mention fast enough, you'll be able to unlock three hidden riders and one extra board.

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