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    All-Star Baseball 2001 for Nintendo 64 (N64) - Used

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    All-Star Baseball 2001 for Nintendo 64 (N64)
    Acclaim Sports' baseball series returns for a third installment on the Nintendo 64 with the release of All-Star Baseball 2001. The game boasts the official MLB license, which means actual professional teams, logos and stadiums, and major hitters and pitchers showcasing their individual character traits. Yet, the licensing is merely a cosmetic addition. The biggest draw of the 2001 edition is the different gameplay modes. The bread-and-butter of All-Star Baseball 2001 is the Simulation mode, where you choose a team and attempt to reach the World Series. The mode offers a number of options, including the ability to view team statistics, sign free agents and trade players throughout the season. Now the player is not merely controlling the action on the field, but taking the role of manager, making moves behind the scenes to ensure your team's success. Acclaim has also included a Batting Practice mode to ease the difficulty level of the controls and learn how to make the most of your appearances at the plate. Begin by choosing a player to train in the strike zone. From there, you can customize the practice session to meet specific needs with complete control over the actions of the pitcher. Can't seem to hit a curve ball? Set the number of throws, hit away, and see a marked improvement in your performance at the plate. All-Star Baseball 2001 is also home to the Cooperstown Legend team. It's a collection of the greatest living Hall of Famers in the history of baseball. Swing for the fences as Reggie Jackson, or throw some heat as Nolan Ryan! The legendary team's ballpark takes a page from Field of Dreams as a converted cornfield serves as the home turf for these big boys of baseball. All-Star Baseball 2001 supports up to four players, and utilizes the Rumble Pak for vibration feedback, and the Controller Pak (121 pages) to save statistics and season progress.

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