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    Terminator 3: The Redemption for Nintendo GameCube - Used

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    Terminator 3: The Redemption for Nintendo GameCube
    Reprise the role of the T-800 in this second installment in the movie-to-game collaboration of Terminator 3. Players will start out chasing down the T-X, which has recently time-jumped from the future to hunt down and eliminate John Connor. After some time has passed in chasing (and hiding from) the T-X, a plot-twist arises. A new, extremely bleak future becomes the game's setting, showcasing the near-genocide of the human race. SkyNET remains, in all of its mechanized, robotic glory, to rule the world. In combat, players can use found objects in their attacks. For example, the T-800 might yank a nearby pole from the ground and whack an adversary silly with it. If the enemy isn't finished off, however, it's likely to pull the pole out from its body and give chase, looking to return the favor. Billed as having half of its gameplay vehicle-based, a likely inspiration for the game is Grand Theft Auto III, especially considering the player's ability to commandeer a number of SkyNET vehicles. The main game is single-player, though a co-op mode can be unlocked to allow an additional player to join in the action. Weapons, as well as energy, can be obtained by choosing hand-to-hand combat. Along with these assets obtained after battle, there are Terabytes that can be collected that allow players to upgrade the T-800 with improved accuracy and melee combos.

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