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    Monopoly Party for Nintendo GameCube - Used

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    Monopoly Party for Nintendo GameCube
    Monopoly Party takes the popular real estate game and injects it with new rules, tokens, and properties. The key feature of this "party" edition is the ability for four players to move around the board simultaneously instead of taking turns. Five different themes are also selectable, which alter the properties, tokens, currency, and appearance of the board. In addition to the classic theme, which uses the original Monopoly game board and tokens, players can opt for a sci-fi, fantasy, prehistoric, or an ancient monuments theme. A 3D display located in the center of the Monopoly board will animate as players move their tokens across the spaces. Memory card owners can save a number of statistics as part of a player profile, including win-loss record, fastest victory, highest wealth, most properties owned, and other areas. Tutorials offer animated lessons on such topics as Rent and Taxes, Jail, and Buying and Selling Houses, while the Party Mode can be played from a choice of four overhead views. The traditional game of Monopoly is also available, with adjustable rules to help customize each game. Players can set the total number of houses and hotels, whether or not houses must be evenly distributed, whether or not double rent is enforced, determine bonuses for landing on GO, decide on a free parking jackpot, and more.

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