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    F1 2002 for Nintendo GameCube - Used

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    F1 2002 for Nintendo GameCube
    If your into the thrill and challenge of F1 racing, though, your likely to put up with all those shortcomings and then some. First, though, a bit of background: F1 tracks are carefully sculpted to reward precision driving. Successfully threading the high-speed traffic while mastering all the flat curves, hairpin turns, straight-aways, chicanes, rises and dips of your typical track requires perfectly timed shifting and braking. For example, brake too much going into a curve and you will waste agonizing seconds gearing up on the subsequent straight-away. Brake too little, though, and you will spin out by the side of the track. Fortunately, excellent tutorials make it fun to master the intricacies of F1 driving. Disguised as a series of challenges that unlock various circuits, the tutorials start you off with such deceptively simple skills as starting, braking and cornering. These serve as building blocks for later, more challenging tasks, such as driving in the rain or pitting with an oil leak.

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