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    Disneys Sports Soccer for Nintendo GameCube - Used

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    Disneys Sports Soccer for Nintendo GameCube
    The first of a six-game deal forged between Disney and Konami to use Disney characters in arcade-style sports titles, Disney Sports Soccer offers GameCube owners the chance to guide Mickey and crew as they pass, kick, and slide-tackle their way across six different stadiums. A total of eight fictional teams are led by Disney characters Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Daisy, Minnie, Pete, Big Bad Wolf, and Mortimer. Each team, ranging in name from the Steamrollers to the Charmers, is rated in speed, power, and agility. The action takes place from a side-view perspective as players use a combination of real soccer strategies and magical power-ups to score goals. Three modes of play include Exhibition, Dream Cup, and Challenge Cup. Up to four players can compete simultaneously in the Exhibition mode, where the teams, stadium, and various rules can be set before the game begins. The Dream Cup has solo players competing in an eight-team tournament, while Challenge Cup has players taking on all teams in succession for the chance to win the coveted championship. As in most traditional soccer titles, players are free to adjust formations, make substitutions, and observe rules such as offsides and fouls. Power-ups come in the form of 40 collectible pairs of shoes, which can be unlocked by winning matches. As a special bonus, items can be traded to the Game Boy Advance version of the game and vice versa. As players participate in the various modes, they can also earn points to build up a character's attributes. Other notable features include a hidden team, cinematic cut-scenes during team introductions, and pennant waving crowds who root for the home team.

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