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    Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis for Nintendo GameCube - Used

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    Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis for Nintendo GameCube
    Aquaman's first starring role in a console video game has the DC Comics superhero battling arch-villains Lava Lord, Black Manta, and Ocean Master through 24 oceanic levels to protect the lost city of Atlantis. The game is viewed from a third-person perspective underneath the ocean's depths as Aquaman uses the powers of telepathy and a morphing hook hand to eliminate the various enemies threatening his deep-sea home. The action is divided into two distinct phases: shooting sequences and melee combat. The shooting sequences take place from behind a submersible watercraft as players explore the underwater depths filled with ruins, secret bases, and enemies. The vessel automatically propels itself through the water, so players must focus on avoiding contact with projectiles and hazards as well as firing torpedoes at incoming threats. Melee sequences have Aquaman battling multiple foes in a manner similar to 3D fighting games. While engaged in combat, Aquaman can use his special powers and abilities. He can fire his prosthetic hand toward an enemy, which functions like a harpoon and wraps itself (along with the trailing cable) around the desired target. The special hand can also morph into a fist for close-range battles, allowing Aquaman to pummel his foes using a variety of hand-to-hand combat moves. In addition, the King of the Seven Seas may use his telepathic power to call upon the help of various marine life, from sharks and whales to bottle-nosed dolphins and stingrays, to either confuse or to directly attack enemies

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