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    Resident Evil 2 for Nintendo GameCube - Used

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    Resident Evil 2 for Nintendo GameCube
    Unlike Capcom's release of the original Resident Evil on GameCube, which was a revamped game designed to take advantage of the 128-bit platform, Resident Evil 2 is straightforward port of 2000's Dreamcast version with no additional enhancements to visuals, sound, or significant changes to gameplay. This game, along with Resident Evil 3, has been released with the intent to round out the storyline beginning with Resident Evil 0. For those unfamiliar with previous versions of Resident Evil 2, players take control of police officer Leon Kennedy or Chris Redfield's sister, Claire, as they make their way through a series of static, pre-rendered environments. Taking place two months after the events chronicled in Resident Evil, players find themselves in another fight for survival as a virus created by the seedy Umbrella Corporation infects Raccoon City. Players must either run from or fight groups of zombies and mutants using an array of weapons found along the way. Acquired items are manipulated through an inventory system, allowing players to combine equipment for fighting purposes or for solving puzzles. Each character also offers alternate storylines that change during the course of play. Like the earlier Dreamcast version, Resident Evil 2 for GameCube features a special Arrange mode, which immediately outfits a character with a machine gun filled with unlimited ammo.

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