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    Mario Party 5 for Nintendo GameCube - Used

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    Mario Party 5 for Nintendo GameCube
    Nintendo's festive Mario Party series returns to GameCube in a celebration of new themed boards and 60 different mini-games. Once again participants are challenged to collect coins by winning a series of mini-games, with the overall goal being to purchase as many stars as possible during the course of play. Once a star has been purchased from a specific space, it will reappear in a random location so all players have a shot at obtaining one. Up to four players alternate turns moving their character around the board and landing on colored spaces. After each character has moved the required amount of spaces shown on a numbered block, a mini-game is played. Mini-games can be one-on-one duels, three-versus-one, two-versus-two, or every man, woman, or creature for him, her, or itself. There are also special games played against Bowser, who presides over each game board and will gladly steal away prized tokens or special items. New additions to the series include 3D maps, allowing players to more easily see where they are in relation to the stars, brand new characters, and the ability to change the locations of event spaces to shake things up for all involved. Also making their debut in Mario Party 5 are the Koopa Kid Brigade, a trio of characters who take turns simultaneously, allowing for faster games by reducing the wait time.

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