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    Vexx for Nintendo GameCube - Used

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    Vexx for Nintendo GameCube
    Vexx embarks on a perilous quest to free his townsfolk and obtain justice for his grandfather's vicious murder in this original 3D platform game from Acclaim. Vexx, a short, bat-like creature with spiked hair, pointed ears, and a furrowed brow, draws power from a pair of battle gauntlets forged with razor-sharp blades. The gauntlets allow him to swim at high speeds, climb walls, glide for a short time, and pound the ground to rattle enemies. As Vexx navigates the game's environments, ranging from underwater cities and dark caves to active volcanoes and desert temples, he will attack enemy creatures using timing-based combo attacks similar to those found in traditional fighting games. The moves Vexx can perform depend on his location in relation to his rival. While on the ground, the hero can slash at his enemies with both claws, perform a powerful uppercut, and make running long jumps. In the air, Vexx can slam his gauntlets into the earth or perform flare kicks to send an enemy flying. By mixing different moves together, players can juggle opponents for multiple hits. Successful combos result in enemies leaving behind health pick-ups needed to keep Vexx at optimal fighting power. Time of day also factors in the hand-to-hand fighting. As day turns into night, enemies become more aggressive and more resilient to attacks, but players can alter time to their benefit by finding sundials. Also hidden in each world are various mini-games. The planet Vexx calls home, Astara, is divided into nine themed regions filled with places to climb, jump, swim, and run. The goal in each is to obtain a specific number of "Wraith Hearts" in order to unlock new areas and to advance the storyline. Hidden in a similar manner as Shines in Super Mario Sunshine or Power Cells in Jak and Daxter, each Wraith Heart can be found with the help of a cryptic clue hinting at its whereabouts. Other items Vexx can collect include Soul Jars, which will reveal one wraith heart once all are collected, and special orbs. The game engine used in Vexx was originally created for Turok: Evolution, also by Acclaim Studios Austin.

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