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    Super Monkey Ball for Nintendo GameCube - Used

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    Super Monkey Ball for Nintendo GameCube
    In Super Monkey Ball, players are put in charge of one of four different monkeys encased in clear balls. The goal is to get your monkey from the beginning to the end of the level by controlling the tilt of the board, causing the monkeys to roll one way or the other. If your monkey ball rolls off the board, you've failed. Super Monkey Ball was originally created for the arcade, but the game has been significantly added to for the GameCube version. There are now three difficulty modes for players to choose from -- the beginner stage has ten levels, the advanced 30, and expert 50. If you can complete each of these modes without losing a life, extra stages open up. Beyond the normal game, Super Monkey Ball also has a number of extra modes. The Party Games feature three multiplayer games that can be played with up to four players. Included is a racing game complete with power-ups and weapons, a fighting game where players can bash each other off of a platform with boxing-glove attachments, and a game where your monkey balls fly off of a ramp and you attempt to guide them to different targets in the horizon. In addition to the Party Games are the mini-games, which can only be unlocked after players have completed a portion of the game. The games are Monkey Pool, Monkey Bowling, and Monkey Golf. These are all fairly realistic interpretations of those sports, with a few cosmetic monkey twist.

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