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    Disneys Magical Mirror for Nintendo GameCube - Used

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    Disneys Magical Mirror for Nintendo GameCube
    Disney's Mickey Mouse makes his GameCube debut in a 3D game that finds the beloved cartoon character trapped inside an enchanted mirror by a mean-spirited ghost. From within this parallel universe, players must navigate the many rooms of Mickey's mansion to find the mirror's hidden pieces. Only then will Mickey break the spell and return home for a much-needed rest. Gameplay combines puzzle solving and performing mischievous "tricks" on Mickey using a point-and-click interface initiated by the mouse's white glove. As players move from room to room in the house, they can click on certain objects, such as a door, refrigerator, or a cupboard, to look at them closely, use an item on them, or to initiate a trick. The trick option appears on the screen whenever a specific object is activated that is typically needed to solve a puzzle. Each trick "costs" a certain amount of energy stars, which are found along the ground. Mickey can also add to his arsenal of trick points by finding star holders, allowing him to perform more powerful tricks on objects to reveal one of the hidden shards of glass. Throughout the mansion are bonus sequences involve gliding on a snowboard, piloting a biplane, and more. As players explore the various rooms, they'll eventually run across various trinkets like Minnie's bow and Pluto's collar, which will be displayed in Mickey's bedroom once the game is finished. As a special bonus, the game interfaces with the Game Boy Advance title Disney's Magical Quest Starring Mickey and Minnie. Players can access tips and clues to help in their adventure once the two games are linked

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