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    Swingerz Golf for Nintendo GameCube - Used

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    Swingerz Golf for Nintendo GameCube
    In the tradition of titles like Hot Shots Golf and Mario Golf comes Swingerz Golf, a four-player game featuring 14 offbeat male and female characters playable on six fictitious courses. Four modes of play include Tour Mode, Stroke, Match, and Mini Games. Each of the 18-hole courses varies in location and appearance, from seaside resorts to arid deserts, and will change according to the season. A 9-hole course comprised entirely of par-3 holes is included as a bonus. Unlike Hot Shots Golf or Mario Golf, however, Swingerz Golf features an analog swing system that uses the controller's yellow C Stick to simulate the motion of a golf club. Each swing diminishes a portion of the character's stamina, the rate of which depends on the shot's power. Hitting the ball with a perfect swing replenishes stamina, but the more swings it takes to hole-in will have an adverse effect on a character's strength. Characters, each rated in power, control, impact, and spin, can improve their performance on the links by selecting helpful items using their allotted equipment points. Items such as precision clubs, fire balls, power gloves, and straight necklaces can be equipped to influence shots, but in order to achieve maximum effect, they must be used regularly. Each piece of equipment gains experience over time, which enhances their potency. Tour Mode involves progressing through a series of competitions for the right to unlock courses and characters in the rest of the modes. Completing each event earns players stars, used to advance further in the Tour as well as open up various features. Match Play is played against a friend or the computer to see who can win the most holes, while Stroke Play supports up to four players in a traditional game of golf. Mini Games include Mission, Survival, and Near Pin options. Mission offers a series of individual challenges for one player, while Survival pits one golfer against multiple opponents in a sudden death format. Near Pin supports two to four players as each golfer attempts to get their ball closest to the flag on the nine par-3 hole.

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