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    Chase HQ Secret Police for Nintendo Game Boy Color - Used

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    Chase HQ Secret Police for Nintendo Game Boy Color
    Based on the original Arcade game, Chase HQ: Secret Police puts you in command of a group of detectives who must stop a criminal from escaping the scene of the crime. You begin with a police dispatch report about the suspect. From there you assemble your team with three of the five available detectives, each of whom drives a car with its own unique characteristics. Which ones you pick depends on the particulars of each mission. From there you go on the map screen, where you place your detectives and move them in an intercept course with the suspect. If a detective's car touches the suspect's, the game switches to battle mode, wherein you must ram and shoot the bad guy's car to disable him. If he gets away, it's up to your next detective to stop him. If all three fail and the suspect makes it off the map, the game is over. After clearing ten stages, you can unlock a new detective character. Two players can use a link cable and play against each other on their Nintendo Game Boy Color systems. One of them takes on the police side and the other takes on the criminal's side. The one who gets away from the other is the winner.

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