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    Army Men: Air Combat for Nintendo Game Boy Color - Used

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    Army Men: Air Combat for Nintendo Game Boy Color
    Army Men: Air Combat unleashes the Alpha Wolf Squadron, an airborne Green Army unit charged with defeating General Plastro's encroaching Tan Army. Choose from two available co-pilots and fly three military helicopters (Huey, Super Stallion, and Apache) in 16 destroy, rescue, escort, and delivery missions. Engage the Tan Army in your backyard, the local playground, a picnic spot, and a beach area in air-to-air and air-to-ground combat. Use power-ups (turbo boosters, weapon-jammers, and ammo), machine guns, rockets, and napalm to melt your opponent's forces and destroy non-discriminating life forms such as swarming bees and marauding ants. The choppers have unique strengths and weaknesses, as do the co-pilots, so selecting wisely is mandatory to successful mission completion. An overhead map provides area-scanning and enemy location capabilities as you lead the Green Army's Captain William Blade in battle.

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