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Bomberman Quest for Nintendo Game Boy Color - Used

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Bomberman Quest for Nintendo Game Boy Color
In space, no one can hear you go BOOM! A weary Bomberman pilots his Bomber Shuttle through space heading home to Planet Bomber, but he is not alone. He is carrying with him all the monsters he has fought and captured so they can be imprisoned on his home world. Suddenly, some strange force starts to rip the engines from the shuttle. But before Bomberman can react to this unseen threat, the engines are torn away -- stolen! Forced to make an emergency crash landing on a strange planet, he awakens to find that all the monsters he was transporting have escaped. To make things worse, he discovers that it was the Four Commanders who stole his engines. It's now up to him to save this peaceful world from the horrors he accidentally unleashed upon it. He must recapture all the monsters that escaped and defeat the Four Commanders, all so he can get his engines back and return home. Bomberman Quest has you playing in two exciting modes as the mighty Bomberman. In the RPG mode, you start out with just a normal bomb as you embark on a quest to get your engines back. Explore four zones and the world around you to get hints, find new bombs and acquire items. You can also collect various bomb parts that, when assembled in town, can create new bombs! You must defeat each of the Four Commanders in order to go home, but if you want to get all the items and a few special secrets, you must also recapture all the monsters! The second method of play is the Battle mode, where you can link up and fight a friend. Take your opponent out with an assortment of bombs on six different stages. As you win, something special happens to Bomberman, so be sure to blow your opponent to bits! Whether you decide to battle it out with a friend or take on the Four Commanders alone, remember that you are Bomberman's only hope. Be brave, be wise, and be quick (otherwise your own bombs will blow you up)!

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