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Blender Bros. for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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Blender Bros. for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
The story takes place in the future, at a time when mankind has learnt to travel the Universe and discovered new frontiers. The humans created the Animal-Man, an artificially evolved animal. But one group of animal-men, the Zooligans, has rebelled against the humans, planning to dominate mankind and control the whole universe. The only hope now are the Cosmo Keepers, a group dedicated to keeping the peace in the galaxy. There is one animal-man in this elite group, whose name is Blender... Blender is the main character, a super-hero dog who must save the galaxy from Zooligan and his mutant beasts. You must guide Blender through the stages (each set in a different planet of the galaxy) by using his unique actions, and by fighting numerous enemies.

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