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    Super Army War for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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    Super Army War for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
    Originally called Glory Days, this pure action-based air combat game owes a lot of its design to titles of classic's past. Super Army Wars isn't based on any specific war, more generalizing air combat situations in a non-descript timeframe. At the start of the title's 16 missions, it's up to you to combat a chopper and are put to the task of mowing down advancing troops in order to get your own army through enemy lines. By capturing bunkers, you'll upgrade your bank account which will be turned into additional vehicles and troops to march through the land. The second mission, the Wings of Fury inspiration, is airplane-based where you'll need to spray some fire or lay some bombs down on the enemy below, all the while taking out any aircraft ready for a mid-flight fight. Refueling the craft requires a skillful landing on the carrier safely out of harm's reach, and as long as you can land safely you'll stay alive.

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