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Spyro Season of Ice for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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Spyro Season of Ice for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
In his first game away from the PlayStation, Spyro the Dragon sets out on a quest to save 100 magical fairies that have been trapped in ice by the wicked two-headed Grendor. Luckily, Spyro's infamous flame attack is more than up to the task of melting this evil plan. In addition to his fiery breath, Spyro can glide and hover using his wings, or charge enemies and objects with his horns. As in previous adventures, the brave purple dragon teams up with Sparx the dragonfly, who acts as Spyro's health meter. The majority of Spyro: Season of Ice's gameplay takes place from an isometric perspective, with Spyro roaming through over 20 stages while searching for fairies, gems and missions to complete. You'll also control the dragon from a behind-the-back perspective in special 3D flying levels. Players will also get to chance to play as Sparx, who will occasionally need to fly off on his own to explore overhead-view maze stages and save fairies that Spyro can't reach.

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