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Spy Kids Challenger for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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Spy Kids Challenger for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Inspired by the first two Spy Kids films starring Antonio Banderas and directed by Robert Rodriguez, Spy Kids Challenger follows the misadventures of Juni and Carmen, the children of two international spies, as they set out to save the world. Gameplay is divided into three distinct mini-games: platform, shooter, and racing. During the platform sequence players must climb a trap-filled tower, with help coming in the form of rocket packs and springy shoes. The shooting stage has players controlling a green dragonfly from a top-down, side-scrolling perspective, with missiles and special weapons available to eliminate enemies. The racing level involves flying atop a magnet from a perspective behind the character -- all while avoiding spiked balls that continuously roll across a canyon. To make it through in one piece, the character can swing a mace to destroy objects before they hit the magnet. Each mini-game is designed for repeated play to improve high scores.

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