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Shaun Palmers Pro Snowboarder for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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Shaun Palmers Pro Snowboarder for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Four world-class snowboarders lend their skills and trick-styles to Activision's Shaun Palmer's Pro Snowboarding extreme sports game for the Game Boy Color. Released concurrently with the Game Boy Advance and PlayStation 2 versions, gameplay is similar in concept to other "Pro" titles in the series such as Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. Shaun Palmer, six-time X-Games Gold Medalist, leads the charge down the powdered courses along with Shaun White, Tara Dakides, and Ingemar Backman. Each boarder has nearly a dozen specialized jumps, slides, and lip tricks in addition to the basic nose grab, tail grab, hand plants, and slides. Scoring is based on combination moves, grabbing big air, and trick difficulty, with the basic premise (per the game manual) being "lots of tricks means lots of points." Courses include collectible bonus items like points, red Palmer P's (for a temporary burst of speed), gaps for increasing scores, and miscellaneous items like furniture, fish, snowballs and more. Unlike its Game Boy Advance counterpart, the GBC version offers only three modes: career, free ride, and VS modes (no tutorial mode). New levels and boards can be unlocked by acquiring sponsors and three types of games (freestyle, Palmer X, and superpipe) are available in career mode. Basic snowboarder controls are the same as in the GBA version, though lip tricks require more button pushes in the GBC version. Two players can compete head-to-head via link cable.

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