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Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Game Boy Advance owners can now experience the world of Baldur's Gate in this role-playing game from Destination Software. Gameplay is designed to continue elements introduced in Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance on Xbox and PS2 rather than the traditional role-playing aspects found in the PC versions of the series. The result is a more action-oriented experience, viewed from an overhead perspective, with players hacking and slashing at various monsters populating the fantasy realm. The storyline involves a quest for justice as result of the player character's sister being kidnapped by a powerful entity. The adventure begins in the city of Baldur's Gate but will eventually take players to the Sunset Mountains and beyond, as the events unravel a bitter war that may change the Sword Coast forever.

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