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    Zone of the Enders The Fist of Mars for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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    Zone of the Enders The Fist of Mars for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
    Konami's ZONE OF THE ENDERS franchise shrinks down to a GBA-sized masterpiece. As per usual, you're the kid who finds himself piloting a giant robot through level after level of mechanized foes. There's an interplanetary war raging, and each battlefield holds varied levels of opposition to contend with. As you make your way through the game, you'll earn parts and upgrades with which to build up your mech enjoying new levels of offensive power, defensive strength, or capacity for speed. Unlike its 3D predecessors, ZONE OF THE ENDERS: The Fist of Mars focuses in on 2D strategy, challenging you to traverse complex battle maps in search of fights. The longer you survive, the stronger your mech will be for subsequent rounds and more skilled boss characters. Fantastic visuals and wholly original gameplay combine to create an utterly unforgettable handheld experience This game was actually developed under the advisement of the saga's creator, Noriaka Okamura.

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