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    Advance Guardian Heroes for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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    Advance Guardian Heroes for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
    In Treasure's side-scrolling combat sequel to the Saturn's Guardian Heroes, Game Boy Advance players continue the fantasy adventure in the role of one of three new Hero characters. The game features platform-jumping challenges, fighting game styled special moves, and a nearly non-stop barrage of boss characters and other enemies that the Heroes must face, as they lead their party ahead, ever forward, toward the right side of the screen. As in the original, players can switch off between characters and perform team-up attacks. No one likes getting hit, but taking damage works into the play of this game; as player characters are hurt by enemy attacks, their "Anger" meter rises, eventually allowing them to unleash powerful, high-speed special moves when it is full. The game's storyline puts the action in context, and features a number of passing references to characters and settings from the earlier games, but cut-scenes can be skipped by gamers who want to get back to the fast-paced action. Link cable features allow both competitive and cooperative multiplayer gaming for up to four.

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