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    Ace Combat Advance for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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    Ace Combat Advance for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
    In Ace Combat Advance, Namco's long-running air combat sim takes flight on Nintendo's Game Boy Advance. Presented as an overhead-view shooter, the game is set in the same near-future world as its console predecessors. Players become pilots for the "United Air Defense," a military organization formed to stand against the oppressive "General Resources, Ltd." and its elite enforcement squadron, the "Air Strike Force." The game features destructible buildings and terrain objects; in addition to shooting down enemy craft, some missions require pilots to bomb enemy installations. Expert performance can unlock new planes for use in future missions. The cartridge offers a dozen missions in all, with a total of ten flyable aircraft and two difficulty settings. Missions take place around the globe, over an assortment of terrain types including arctic, forest, desert, and ocean.

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