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    High Heat Baseball 2002 for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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    High Heat Baseball 2002 for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
    The first baseball game for the Game Boy Advance continues 3DO's High Heat Baseball franchise that began on the PC in 1998. The handheld version offers the following five modes of play: Exhibition, Batting Practice, Home Run Derby, Season, and Playoffs. Exhibition involves selecting any two teams for a single game, while Batting Practice has players fine-tuning their skills at hitting certain types of pitches at varying speeds and locations over the plate. Home Run Derby challenges players to hit as many of the 20 pitches over the fence as possible, while Season involves picking one team and then competing in 16, 81, or a full 162 games with schedules following the 2001 MLB season. The final mode, Playoffs, lets players cut right to the chase and compete in the final rounds leading to the World Series. High Heat Baseball 2002 features battery-backed memory to save season standings and playoff progress, but statistics are not tracked throughout the season. The main viewpoint is from above and behind home plate as the batter swings the bat by pressing a button. Players can influence the type of hit, such as a fly ball or a grounder, by holding the Control Pad in one of four directions during the swing. Once contact is made, the screen scrolls toward the infield or outfield. Pitching involves selecting a pitch and then deciding on a location before carrying out the throw. Options include automatic fielding, adjustable innings, and a toggle for sound effects

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