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    Disneys Treasure Planet for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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    Disneys Treasure Planet for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
    Based on the November 2002 animated film, a modern retelling of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island, Disney's Treasure Planet for Game Boy Advance blends puzzle-solving action sequences with high-speed racing in a game starring Jim Hawkins and his robotic sidekick Morph. The action scenes are played from an isometric perspective as players avoid pirates and obstacles while collecting as much treasure, in the form of coins, as possible. Helping Jim in the quest for treasure is his ability to find and use power-ups like the Morph Cam, which lets players survey the area without harm, Morph Strength, allowing Jim to smash robots blocking his path, and Morph Vaults, giving him the power to high jump across platforms to reach new areas. The game begins on Planet Montressor, where Jim is charged with the task of finding the scattered pieces of his solar surfer, a type of rocket-propelled surfboard. Once the solar surfer is assembled, the game switches to a racing sequence where players attempt to flee the planet while avoiding boulders, lava, and enemies. The solar surfer also comes equipped with lasers, allowing players to target switches that will open up new locales. A total of 19 levels are available across four distinct worlds. Completing each level reveals a password so players can resume their progress at a later time. Two-player support is available via Game Link Cable, which has both participants racing solar surfers in a head-to-head competition. In between levels are full-motion video cut-scenes from the movie.

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