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    Dragonball Z: Taiketsu for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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    Dragonball Z: Taiketsu for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
    Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu is the first fighting game on Game Boy Advance based on the popular Japanese anime. Drawing inspiration from such 2D fighting franchises as Street Fighter and King of the Fighters, Taiketsu offers players familiar elements, such as chargeable energy meters, combination attacks, and throws. Yet the dramatic powers of characters are also exhibited in sky battles, which involve taking the combat high into the air. Seven playable characters are initially available, with eight more waiting to be unlocked. For the first time in the series, players will be able to choose from characters featured in the animated films. Broly, Buu, Frieza, and Cell are just some of the accessible fighters, each possessing signature moves and a distinctive animated style. Players will fight in such recognizable environments as arid deserts and advanced cities during the game, all while earning a type of currency called Z-Points to purchase things like character bios, artwork, new game modes, and more. In addition to the Story mode, which follows the epic struggle of good versus evil, players can embark on an Endurance mode to see how long they can last with only one life, or challenge a friend for multiplayer competition using a GBA Game Link Cable.

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