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    Grand Theft Auto for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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    Grand Theft Auto for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
    Coming to mature gamers two full years after the initial release of Grand Theft Auto III, this first Game Boy Advance entry into Rockstar's cornerstone series serves as something of a sequel to the breakthrough PlayStation 2 hit. The handheld game is designed to offer the same style of open-ended gameplay that helped make GTA3 such a huge success on the consoles. Grand Theft Auto provides players a top-down view of a freely roamed Liberty City, in which more than 300 missions await. The game has players resuming the role of a thug hero, who sets out to complete one final mission with his mentor and partner Vinnie. The idea was to pull off one last job and earn enough money to get out of Liberty City for good. That plan goes bust, however, when the getaway car explodes in flames, taking Vinnie (and all the recently acquired cash) with it. Driven to avenge Vinnie's murder -- and avoid his fate -- players set out to track down those responsible for the explosion and make them pay.

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