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    Prehistorik Man for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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    Prehistorik Man for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
    A remake of the Super NES title of the same name, Prehistorik Man follows the exploits of Sam Bigrock as he attempts to find the legendary dinosaur graveyard. Greedy dinosaurs have eaten the village's food supply, and Sam hopes to bring back enough valuable dinosaur bones to cover the cost of replacing the food that was eaten. The future of his village, and mankind itself, rests in his hands. Sam must traverse 22 levels of 2D platforming action, each filled with death-defying jumps, moving platforms, and creatures who are more than willing to make the troglodyte hero their next meal. Far from helpless, Sam has at his disposal an arsenal of stone-age weapons, including a club and spear. Should the need arise, he is also capable of emitting a loud scream that will kill all onscreen enemies. Holding the L button down and pressing a directional button will allow Sam to look around his immediate surroundings. Aiding Sam on his journey are Chief Smallgravel, T-Rex Jack, and the village blacksmith, who provide him with information, guidance, and weapons, respectively. The village blacksmith will also fashion rudimentary vehicles, such as a pogo stick, wheel, raft, and hang glider, which Sam can use in his journey. Level objectives range from simply getting to the end, to finding specific items for one of the villagers. Bones, the currency of the time period, can be used to buy credits, continues or saves at in-game shops dotted around the levels. Additionally, by seeking out and waking a creature known as Rees-Tartah, Sam will magically re-spawn near the creature should he happen to die. A password save is used to record in-game progress.

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