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    Final Fight One for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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    Final Fight One for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
    Released a decade after the flawed Super NES version of Final Fight, Final Fight One brings Capcom's 1989 arcade game to the Game Boy Advance, complete with every level and all three playable characters. Jessica, the daughter of Metro City mayor Haggar, has been kidnapped by the Mad Gear gang. Haggar teams up with Jessica's boyfriend Cody and all-around hero Guy to clean up the streets and rescue her. To make the game more compatible with the unpredictable nature of on-the-go gaming, Final Fight One saves your progress is saved at the end of each level. The other two new features include brief cut-scenes before boss battles, and battle points that are earned by defeating enemies. Earn enough points and you can unlock extra lives, a stage select mode, Street Fighter Alpha costumes for Cody and Guy, and a rapid punch move. The two-player simultaneous mode requires that both players have a copy of the cartridge.

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