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    Mega Man Zero 2 for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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    Mega Man Zero 2 for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
    Mega Man Zero 2 continues Capcom's Mega Man spin-off series with new two-player support and a number of additional features. Players once again control the enigmatic Zero, first introduced in Mega Man X3, who comes to the defense of fellow robots (known as reploids) attacked by the ruthless Neo Arcadia police force. Zero can slash foes with his trademark Beam Sabre, blast enemies from afar using his Buster weapon, and perform dashes, jumps, and wall kicks to overcome obstacles or hazards placed in his path. As players advance through desert wastelands, forests, power plants, trains, and more, Zero will grow stronger. Over time Zero's abilities will change along with his appearance, taking on different forms to help him complete his mission. Returning from the original game is a performance ranking system at the end of each level, only now earning an "S" or an "A" rating lets Zero use special skills in subsequent stages. Players can also acquire additional types of Cyber Elves to help Zero detect traps and perform other abilities. The two-player Link Battle mode has players racing against a friend on any of the unlocked stages from the main game

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