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    Sonic Advance 2 for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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    Sonic Advance 2 for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
    Sonic Advance 2 chronicles the continuing portable escapades of Sega's affable blue hedgehog. Dr. Eggman once again serves as the primary antagonist, and it falls to Sonic and friends to perform the familiar task of traipsing through a series of trap-laden zones, collecting rings and staving off the attacks of his many robotic minions en route to the stage goal. Secondary objectives include scavenging for Special Rings dispersed throughout each level. Finding and subsequently obtaining all seven rings will grant players access to a bonus round where they can obtain one of the many coveted Chaos Emeralds. To find all the hidden items, players will need to make use of the intrinsic abilities of each character; Amy, Knuckles, and Tails return for this second GBA outing, along with new character Cream. An adorable rabbit shadowed by a small Chao named Cheese, Cream is capable of flying by flapping her ears -- an ability similar to that of series veteran Tails -- or even using her small companion as a weapon by flinging it at enemies. Extras include Time Attack, a Sound Test mode, and even hidden stages. Also included in the package is the ability to use the GameCube -- GBA Cable to swap data between Sonic Advance 2 and the GameCube title, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Using this feature players can raise Chao or compete in mini-games such as Memory Game and the all-new Super High-Jump on the GBA before uploading Chao to the GCN for play in Chao Karate and Chao Races. Multiplayer modes reminiscent of those found in the first title provide support for both single- and multi-pak play across a variety of disciplines. Players will race opponents across stages; try to collect the most rings before time runs out; and even compete for possession of a tiny Chao.

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