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Breath of Fire II 2 for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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Breath of Fire II 2 for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Breath of Fire II takes players into the world of the fantasy RPG, where friends are made, battles are fought, and an intriguing storyline develops with every step the hero makes. One day you take a nap near the remains of a once great dragon, only to wake and find that both your father and sister are missing. Upon being received as an orphan into a local church, you meet and befriend a little thief named Bow. Agreeing that greater things lie in the next village, the two of you venture across the country and into a cave. You meet with a fierce monster and all goes black. Years pass like the wind and your childhood is all but a memory of the past. And thus your adventure begins... Breath of Fire II utilizes the tried and true over-head perspective with graphics somewhat in the style of Final Fantasy III. The battle modes have differences here and there, but much of the key actions, such as attack, magic, defense, item, or special moves, remain. The game also contains "party building" elements, instead of revolving around a lone, central hero as in the Zelda games.

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